REFSMART - REF SMART Universal Game Day Timer

REFSMART - REF SMART Universal Game Day Timer
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Pre-Programmed by default to 25/40 function (can be changed to others).

NFHS Football 25/60 (Vibrate Only), NCAA & Texas Football 25/40 (Vibrate Only), Lacrosse 20/120 (with Audible Tone) and NCAA Baseball 20/90 (Vibrate Only) - all programming options are included in this 1 Universal Timer. Easily time the play clock and time outs. This one timer works for football (25/60 & 25/40), Baseball and Lacrosse. Tempered steel black powder coat belt clip is secure to stay in place during the most grueling conditions. Unlike a wrist watch there are no tiny buttons, but simple click toggle switch. The 25 and 40 second play clock has a quick vibration warning with 10 seconds remaining, then will vibrate in 1 second increments for the last 5 seconds. The 60 second timer has a vibration warning 15 seconds remaining, then again when the timer reaches 0. 2 AAA batteries included. .001 Second Accuracy. Can be programmed to be audible for 20/120 Lacrosse. New! Baseball 20/90 function now included.